Kids Karpet®

Natural colored aged wood.  It is ground to a fairly coarse texture, similar to that of the colored mulches but because it is aged it is a softer material.  It does not have very fine material in it so it is much cleaner than the bark mulches.

Colored Mulches

mulch164More coarse than the natural mulches.  The pieces are about the size of broken pencils, with very little fine material in it.  FDA approved colorants will not harm plants or soils.  Dye will allow the mulch to hold its color longer than natural mulches but it will not lend as much nutrient to the soil.  Comes in black, brown, or red.  Sold by the cubic yard.  It can be re-colored if it fades.
Black- pure black, like charcoal; Brown- chocolate brown Click here for more information


Custommulch162 Z is just one of the types of Mulch we offer. This mulch has been double shredded and is very fine. It is dark brown and very rich looking. Because it contains compost, it provides valuable nutrients to the plants and helps keep the soil moist. This mulch helps the environment by recycling material that previously went to landfills.