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Description: Whitish-gray solid stone. Comes from natural sources and is crushed to different sizes. Because it is crushed, it is not round stones, it has corners and edges. It is the type of stone typically used for driveways and parking lots. There are approximately 1.5 tons per cubic yard.

limestone #10 Limestone #10 Sizes Available # 10 screenings, # 8, # 57, # 4, # 1 & 2, # 411, # 304


  • #57 Base for concrete or asphalt
  • #411 Base for retaining walls or paving stones
  • #57 Driveways or parking lots
  • #411 Filling holes in paved area
  • #57 Under decks (not visible)

Remember that the smaller the stone, the smoother the finish will be. Also, the softer the area you are working in is, the larger the stone you should start with and add additional layers of smaller and smaller stones until your finished surface is the desired product.