When determining the best type of mulch to use in your landscape, there are many factors to consider. What is the look you want in your landscaping? Is the mulch for a playground, garden, or landscape area? What texture do you need for your landscaping? Are you putting mulch on a sloping area? Do you like cypress mulch vs wood chips? Are you looking at a playground area and interested in Kids Karpet® mulch? Do you want 100% all organic mulch?

With so many choices available, Three-Z can assist you with selecting the mulch that will be best suited for your garden and landscape needs. We have been in the mulch business for over 30+ years and have the knowledge to prove it. Our staff can help you with making the right selection, assist with figuring how much mulch to order, how much mulch is needed, and work out a delivery schedule, or equipment rental if needed.

At Three-Z we know mulch can be very beneficial to your landscaping. Besides drastically cutting down on the amount of time spent on weeding, mulching your garden has these additional benefits:

  • Adds curb appeal to your home.
  • Adds contrast and texture to plant beds.
  • Suppresses weeds and makes weed pulling much easier.
  • Helps fight pests.
  • Helps retain moisture for plant roots, which will then require less watering.
  • Protects plants from temperature extremes.
  • An affordable solution for a natural pathway in your garden or landscape.
  • Improves soil condition for plants as it gradually decomposes and encourages earthworm activity.
  • Great natural cushion for play areas around the home.
  • Keeps mud from splashing up on flowers and vegetables when watering or when it rains.

When applying your mulch we suggest the following technique. Layer no more than 2 to 3 inches deep to avoid earwigs, slugs and fungi. Do not mound the mulch around your plant stems or tree trunks, and keep the mulch several inches away from the foundation of your house.

Please note: Mulch is primarily wood. Be careful to avoid installing near possible ignition sources such as electrical fixtures, grills, fire pits and cigarettes.

Choosing the right mulch may seem complicated, but remember Three-Z is here to help you make the right choice.  We are the Cleveland/Akron area landscaping mulch experts!