Soil Blends

Three-Z specializes in offering many different types of quality soil blends to Cuyahoga, Summit, Lake, Geauga and Medina counties.  We offer a variety of soils for lawn, landscaping, gardening and baseball diamond applications.  Our custom blends are rich in nutrients and organic content.

Not sure of the type of soil to order?  Just let us know where you are going to use the new soil, in your garden, in your lawn or for planting.  Then examine your existing soil, is it sandy or does it appear to have a lot of clay. Still not sure, just give us a call, the staff at Three-Z can help you chose the right soil blend.  The quality of your soil is one of the most important factors in any successful landscaping or gardening project.

Soils rich in organic matter grow healthier plants.  Sand or clay soils can be improved with the right organic matter, like our premium planting bed mix designed to keep the soil loose, maintain moisture and very rich for growing plants.  All soil blends should be dug into the soil a foot or more deep to really aerate the soil properly and for the best results. At Three-Z we have developed a line of premium soil blends specifically designed to promote healthier growth in your lawn, beds and gardens.

After you have enriched your soil, a 2 to 3 inch layer of any one of our mulch products would help keep weeds down and maintain moisture in your flower beds, around your trees and shrubs and in your garden.
Our special ball diamond clay is a specific blend of clay and sand for use on baseball fields, bocci ball courts, horse stalls or paddocks.  We are a trusted source for local schools and cities for all their baseball diamond clay needs.

Three-Z also carries top soil and fill dirt for backfilling large holes, top dressing a lawn, patching bare spots, planting trees or plants, filling low spots or rough grading.  We carry line of machines available for rent for these larger jobs.

Three-Z is a family-owned business and for over 30+ years we have been helping Northeast Ohio homeowners, businesses, landscapers, schools and cities with all their soil needs.