You know when you see sunny yellow daffodils that spring has arrived. If you plant the bulbs in September or October they will bloom in late winter or early spring.  Select healthy firm bulbs at a trusted garden center.  Steer away from any bulbs that are soft or moldy.  Look for large bulbs the bigger the bulb the more they will bloom when compared with a smaller one.

Daffodils are beautiful when paired with crocus or miniature crested iris.  Both plants enjoy moist but well drained soil.  Choose a site that gets full sun or light shade.  You can plant your bulbs in the fall up to about 2-4 weeks before the ground freezes.  The general rule for planting is three times as deep as the bulb‘s height.  When digging your hole for bulb placement, you can add organic material (like sweet peet® or leaf humus) for your bulbs roots to grow into & get nourishment.   A topdressing of organic mulch will protect your bulbs through winter & keep the soil moist while maintaining a cool, stable soil temperature during the spring.

You can celebrate the end of winter’s dismal weather with a colorful dramatic spring garden!