Throughout Ohio stone driveways are a common sight. Limestone driveways are easy to work with and extremely affordable.  It also provides you with versatility in terms of layout and style.

If the wet spring & summer weather had you seeing puddles in your stone driveway, now is the time to fill in those low areas.  The timing is right when your driveway is dry & there are no wet spots. Over time, your stone drive will inevitably develop potholes and ruts.  The best way to repair these areas is to fill them with #304 or #411 crushed limestone.  Fill the hole in layers tamping each layer as you go.  A simple way to compact the area is to run the wheels of your car up & down the repair site a few times.

So don’t ignore those trouble spots.  The sooner you take care of them the less likely they will grow into major holes & ruts.