We can all agree that creating a backyard oasis is tough but well worth it.  One way to transform your yard into a summer haven is by adding an above ground pool. A pool is a perfect way to entertain and to keep cool.  If you prepare beforehand, installing a pool can be done quickly.

How long does it take to install an above ground pool?  Most above ground pools can be installed in one day.  You can also hire a professional installer.  To install a pool you need a level surface that will support the pool shell.  The ground must be covered by sand to protect the liner.  Mason sand should be used for this.  Mason sand is tan, fairly fine textured sand and is also known as play sand.   It does not have any pebbles or stones which means it is ideal for protecting pool liners.

So keep cool and enjoy some fun water activities during these hot summer days!

Mason sand has many uses:
•    Under pool liners
•    In sandboxes or play areas
•    Under paving stones or bricks
•    In mixing concrete or mortar
•    Golf course sand traps