It’s my favorite season of the year, camping season!!  Are you a happy camper?  I am and I’ll tell you why. After this rainy spring we had I finally got my muddy campsite cleaned up! I went over to Three-Z-Supply and picked up a couple of yards of their woodchips in my truck and hauled them out there (they do offer delivery as well).  Our lot had gotten so muddy we had to rope off a section to keep our friends kids from running through and playing in all that mess.  It was impossible to keep our dog clean too. We go there to relax and enjoy, not to be mopping up floors all day!

Let me tell you a little bit about these woodchips…they come from lumber mills and are natural wood or tan colored.  The chips are excellent for padding under swing sets and on play areas.  They are decorative coverings for paths and walkways (which is how I applied them), they look great around trees and in flower beds and are even used for ground cover in dog kennels.

Our lot looks so much better now, the muddy areas are under control and everything is nice, neat and natural looking. I recommend you head over and get some woodchips to beautify your areas as well.

Have a great summer everyone and happy camping season to you!