A friend of mine texted me a picture of a plant to help her identify it.  It turned out to be St. John’s Wort.  This popular plant is able to thrive in poor soil conditions and has healing properties.  St John’s Wort thrives in poor soil conditions and does best in partial shade so that its leaves do not get sun scorch.  It blooms from early summer through mid September.  The bright yellow flowers make this an attractive cheery plant.  Once established the plant will flourish in all soil conditions. To keep this shrubby plant in shape it is best to prune it in the early spring just before signs of new growth.

The oil in the blooms & leaves helps give relief from certain skin ailments such as burns.  You can also benefit from the anti inflammatory properties of the flowers.  Try tossing a handful of blooms & leaves in you salad.  St John/’s Wort also has been used in the treatment of depression and is a mood enhancer,   It’s herbal supplement can be found in most drug stores.  As with any herbal supplement check with your Pharmacist first before trying it.

This pretty perennial flowering shrub is sure to enhance not only your garden but your mood as well!