With as wet a spring as we’ve had it’s taken a while for the soil to dry out.  Now that your perennials, annuals & vegetables are established it’s the perfect time to mulch.  Mulch is great way to suppress weeds, cut down on watering; it also keeps the soil cool and improves the soils friability as it decomposes.

When determining the best type of mulch to use you need to consider its purpose.  If you are installing new beds our shredded bark or custom z mulch would add nutrients and improve the soil.  These mulches are double ground to a fine texture & dark brown in color.  If you have an established garden we offer 100% hardwood that has been color enhanced.  The dye in the mulch allows it to hold its color longer & will not harm your plants or soil.  For playground and ground cover we feature double ground wood fiber or wood chips.  This type of mulch would take the longest to break down.

Don’t forget mulch also enhances the curb appeal of your home & helps increase your property value. Besides that it’s affordable & easy to apply.