Summer is here.  The mulch is in, the garden is growing, the flowers are blooming.  Take time and enjoy all the hard work you put into your yard.  But don’t forget to keep things watered.  This includes your mulch.

Most mulch, including those from Three-Z are made from wood or tree bark.  This means they are flammable.  As the weather turns hot and dry, mulch dries out as well.  Small, dry pieces of wood are perfect kindling.  Many fires are started every year because a spark finds its way into dry mulch.  The results can be devastating.  Below are some tips to help prevent mulch fires.

  • Keep mulch away from landscape lights or other electrical fixtures
  • Do not discard cigarettes into mulch beds
  • Keep mulch moist with regular watering
  • Protect mulched areas from sparks from grills and fire pits
  • Do not put citronella candles or torches in or near mulch beds
  • Do not leave outdoor fires unattended
  • Do not put mulch over electrical cords or wires
  • Keep mulch a safe distance from other combustible materials