Only in Cleveland can it be 75 degrees one day and 35 and blizzard-like the next.  Due to an unseasonably mild fall, some of the yard winterizing may have escaped your mind.  So now you may need to bundle up and finish up some of that landscape winter prep you’ve put off.  (Some of you may be wishing you hung your Christmas lights much earlier, too!)

It’s important that you protect delicate trees and shrubs by wrapping them.  There are several reasons this may benefit some of your more sensitive plantings.  Wrapping keeps plants warmer; reduces moisture loss; keeps deer away; protects from ice damage; and reduces salt damage. Many of the home and garden centers carry these wrapping supplies.  Now is also a good time to apply fungicides or dormant season pesticides to protect your plantings.

Oddly enough, leaves are still falling.  Since many of the municipalities have completed their leaf collections for the season.  Consider raking the remaining leaves and start a compost pile if space allows in a small portion of your yard.  You can always place them in an old trashcan, as well.

As the weather continues to cool off and food gets scarce, deer and other animals will begin eating whatever plants they can find.  If you’ve had deer problems, they’re certainly not going to go away this winter.  Now is the time to protect your plants with deterrent sprays or physical barriers.

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