Have you scheduled your fall furnace check?  Is the outside water source shut off, and the hose drained and stored?  Are you waiting for that last leaf to fall so you can officially put away all of your garden tools?  Here’s something you may not have thought about – have you taken notes about your yard/landscape?

hand-mulchaNow is the perfect time to make plans for next year.  Take a moment to write down how many yards of mulch you used this year. Did you order enough or too much?   Make a list of some of the plantings you’d like to include in your landscape in the spring; consider making a diagram, too.  After you get through a long, hard Cleveland winter, your recollections of summer and your yard may have escaped your memory!

If you haven’t visited any of your local garden centers, make a point to check them out.  Most of them are having clearance sales on nursery stock. There are some great deals on perennials right now.  You can always purchase larger sizes and split them when you plant.

Additionally, it’s important to apply a fall fertilizer/winter guard if you haven’t already.  Using this helps to build strong, deep grass roots for a healthier lawn come spring.  The extra nutrients help to repair damage from the summer heat, drought, and/or activity.  Most of the fertilizers are kid- and pet-friendly when applied as directed, so be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions.

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