It’s officially fall.  Gone are the humid, hot days of summer.  But that doesn’t mean you have to stow away all of your gardening gear just yet.  In fact, the cooler temperatures and rain showers make the fall season an ideal time to plant new trees, shrubs and perennials.

hand-mulchaIf possible, go with smaller-sized, balled and burlapped trees and/or container grown plants.  Some species do not adapt well to fall plantings because they’re unable to establish strong root systems.  Many garden centers are offering bargains this time of year.  But buyer beware.  Before you opt to purchase a tree at 75% off, be sure to ask one of the garden specialists if that particular species is susceptible to winter damage.

In this region, try and have your fall plantings in the ground by mid-October.  Any new plantings should be mulched with a solid 2-4 inches of a natural mulch.  This will help prevent soil temperature fluctuations, which may damage the new tree.  Available for delivery from Three Z Supply, sweet peet, shredded bark or custom-z are all great for new plantings.  Remember to water thoroughly; approximately one inch per week, until the ground freezes.   You may also want to consider wrapping the trunks of thin-barked trees in later November to prevent frost damage.  (Remove in March.)

Looking for some more specific information on how to plant a balled and burlapped tree?  Take a look at the Arbor Day Foundation website —

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