hand-stoneaAs the spring rains fell, you may have noticed pot-hole-like mud puddles in your yard.  Then the summer heat dries everything up so those holes may not seem quite as noticeable; unless you’re mowing the lawn!  Now’s the time to repair the low spots.  Contact Three Z to discuss which soil blend option is best suited for your yard.  Adding soil now will establish a new grade and prevent puddles in the future.

If you have a stone driveway, you may also be dealing with potholes there, too.  Potholes need to be repaired when the drive is dry and the surface is solid (and before your tires fall victim to them).  Call our office to discuss the best product for your situation.

Our delivery area covers the Northeast Ohio area.  This includes: Cuyahoga; eastern Lorain; northern Medina and Summit; northwest Portage; northwest Lake; and western Geauga counties. Visit the delivery area page on our website.  If your delivery charge comes up with $0.00, call the office for delivery information: 216-524-4544.

If you have any questions, please call our team of experts at Three Z.  Visit our website, http://three-z.com/ to check out our wide assortment of soils and amendments, mulches, sands, aggregates, limestone, and washed gravels.  We deliver the quality materials you need and provide the service you expect.