You’ve spent lots of money and put hours of sweat equity in your yard…and it’s only June.  The month of May was a sidewalkatime to bring your yard back to life – mulching, trimming, planting, and watering.  It’s lookin’ really good…you now have the landscaped yard your neighbors are envious of.  But a note of caution – don’t get complacent!  There’s still work to be done to ensure your plants survive the summer heat and the upcoming winter season!

Experts at Three Z recommend at least three (3) or four (4) inches of mulch in your beds and around your plants.  If you’ve already mulched and your mulch is sparse or thin, you may want to consider adding more around new plantings.  However, take care NOT to pile mulch as it nears the crown or main stalk of any plant or tree trunk. This, along with heat and extra watering may cause some plant stems to rot.  Having a three or four inch layer around your plants will help maintain moisture and will protect your plants during the hot July and August heat.

When watering your new plants, here are some helpful tips.  Focus on the root zone, not the leaves; and water deeply and thoroughly so the water actually finds its way to the roots.  Water only when it’s needed – so watch the weather closely.  As far as time of day, consider watering in the morning.  If you happen to get water on the leaves, this allows time for them to dry out, hopefully avoiding the chance for plant diseases to gain a foothold.  And back to the mulch – a thicker layer reduces surface runoff and slows evaporation from the soil, helping to retain moisture.  A regimented watering routine is crucial so that newly planted trees and shrubs are well established when winter comes.

If you have any questions, please call our team of experts at Three Z.  Visit our website, to check out our wide assortment of soils and amendments, mulches, sands, aggregates, limestone, and washed gravels.  We deliver the quality materials you need and provide the service you expect.