Do you traipse out into the cold December air, all bundled up with your family to pick out the perfect Christmas tree or do you drag the tree down from the attic and do your best to reshape the branches each year?

If you’re the “real tree type,” you’re faced with a variety of evergreens to choose from.  Some species are grown right here in Northeast Ohio, while others are shipped from out of state to tree farms throughout the area.  According to, these are the top five best-selling Christmas trees in North America:

#1 – Fraser Fir
#2 – Douglas Fir
#3 – Balsam Fir
#4 – Colorado Blue Spruce
#5 – Scotch pine

To better assist you in your selection process, here are two excellent resources:

Picking out a Christmas tree can be an experience; and for some, it’s a special family tradition.  Before you venture out, don’t be caught without the supplies you may need to get your tree home.  Spend some time online researching your options.  It’s also important that you take measurements before you go, particularly the ceiling height in the room where the tree will be displayed. The trees in the field look smaller when the sky is the ceiling. Be careful not to overbuy.

And here’s to A Charlie Brown Christmas – celebrating 50 years – and his most perfect tree!