The late fall fertilizer application should be a priority, and yet most homeowners skip this application.  Why is it so fertilizingaimportant?  The fall treatment concentrates on root growth and development — key to your lawn not only surviving the winter, but also getting off to a great start in the spring.

Even when the ground is covered in snow, turf roots are active through December.  A late fall fertilizer application provides “food” that keeps the grass roots growing thick, storing nutrients for the winter slumber.  If your lawn does not have a strong root system, parts of your lawn may not survive the long, cold Cleveland winter.  And if this winter is anything like last winter, you need give your yard a fighting chance!

If you are maintaining your own lawn, be sure to read and follow the directions on the bag.  Some of them recommend fertilizing twice in the fall — once around Labor Day and another around Halloween.  But remember, too much could do your lawn more harm than good, so don’t ignore the manufacturer directions.  If you’re contracted with a lawn care provider, make certain to follow through with your late fall applications.

In general, fall is an optimal time to pamper your lawn.   If you’re looking for more general lawn care information, here are a few websites to peruse: and