Just because the days are getting cooler doesn’t mean that it’s time to go back inside. The Fall is an excellent time to take care of some lawn and garden projects. Not only is it more pleasant to work outside on a sunny autumn day than a sweltering summer one, many plants thrive in the cooler, wetter weather.

It’s been a harsh summer for lawns, with hot and very dry days. Luckily, if you are unhappy with your lawn, now is the best time to fix dead patches or even replace the whole thing. During the Fall, the ground is still warm enough for quick germination, and the young grass plants have the entire upcoming cool season to get established and thrive. Without the hot, long days of summer, your new grass won’t require watering as often, and may even require less top dressing for the seed. There are generally more rainy days in the Fall than summer, which means there will be plenty of water for your new grass without you lifting a finger.

Fall is also an excellent time to plant shrubs and perennials because these thrive in the cooler weather. Although the air is much cooler, it takes the soil significantly longer to chill. Even after the first snow, the ground doesn’t usually freeze for another month or two.
Another great reason to plant in the Fall is that it can save you some money.  For those of you who like to bargain shop, many trees, shrubs and perennials are able to be purchased at a discounted rate during this time of year.

Planting in the fall gives the roots of trees, shrubs, and perennials plenty of time to become established before the next growing season. When you consider that a perennial planted in the spring has to adjust to its new soil and location while also blooming, producing new foliage, and a new root system, it almost seems obvious that the Fall is the best time to plant.

One special consideration of planting in the Fall is to ensure that you keep the soil around new plants moist at all times.  This is because once the surface of the ground freezes, you won’t be able to get any more water to them.
Don’t let the cooler weather scare you away from your lawn and garden. Go out into the beautiful days knowing that your plants enjoy this weather as much as you do.