Crisper weather is ahead.  Although fall brings bittersweet memories of summer days gone by, we welcome the bountiful harvest as we gather in the fruits of our labor. Yes, we did get off to a late start this year but, many of us gardeners have already been enjoying homegrown produce.  Mid-August is an exhilarating time, for tomato and corn are at their peak right now.  If you do not grow your own veggies its a great time to visit your favorite roadside stand or farmers market.  Many retailers will offer bulk pricing for those of you who enjoy canning or freezing your produce.   

Peaches, raspberries and some apples, are going strong right now in most areas of our state.  You can visit to find an orchard near you for a weekend day trip.  There is something special about preparing home-cooked meals with fresh fruits and vegetables picked up at a farm market within hours of harvest.  Also, on your to do list, try visiting an Ohio city that celebrates the zucchini, corn or melon with a festival all its own!  This is the perfect time of year to explore Ohio with your very own planned adventure.