Hey, is summer almost over? OH NOwe hardly think so! There are still vegetables growing, flowers blooming & projects to complete “Oh My”It is never to late to amend your soil or side dress your plants.  Using a natural product, like our screened leaf humus, allows for your soil to drain properly  plus adds nutrient rich organic material, that your plants need to grow healthy & strong.

Although a wet spring didn’t allow you much time to mulch you still have the opportunity to get a covering down before fall.  By using one of our natural mulch products you can build up your soil for next spring’s planting season.  One of our most popular mulches this year is “Custom-Z” [a bark compost mix].  This mulch serves a dual purpose; not only does it do the job of a mulch but it also breaks down quickly to act as a  natural fertilizer.

We can help you to create your own garden oasis.  We’de love to hear how you make your garden sparkle!  Its amazing how much a little drop of sunshine can give you a sunnier disposition.  As a special for our dedicated customers we are offering a $5.00 off delivery discount just for mentioning this article.

Thank you, and remember, “If you want to be happy forever, make a garden.”                  Chinese Proverb